Oxy Point

Pure oxygen, the route of wellbeing.

From the Maya Beauty Engineering research and development laboratories comes Oxy Point, the simple and effective system that provides pure oxygen combined with natural extracts. First the oxygen is mixed with essences selected according to their purifying, relaxing, reinvigorating and energising properties. Then it is inhaled through practical and attractive inhalation “headsets”. This is the most immediate way of obtaining all the positive charge of the oxygen, in a really pleasant session.

Benefits of oxygen.
- enriches oxygenation of the blood
- increases energy concentration
- promotes detoxification processes
- reduces stress
- improves sports performance
- speeds up reflexes
- promotes concentration
- has a mood-lifting effect

Variety of natural extracts.
In each of the individual cylindrical containers there is a cocktail of natural extracts with different effects that can be recognised by their colour.
- Red: reinvigorating
- Yellow: memory stimulating
- Blue: relaxing
- Green: rebalancing
- White: for the essential oil requested by the customer

Style to be coordinated.
The Oxy Point units can be supplied with alternative graphics in order to be better adapted to the surroundings of the user centre.

Designed for:
- Spas
- Beauty centres
- Gyms
- Massage centres
- Tanning centres


Oxy Point is supplied with:
- 1 four-station oxygen generator
- 4 cocktail containers
- 1 cocktail kit

To find out more, you can download the brochure (.pdf 656KB).