O2 Extras

All the potential of oxygen.

Essential for life, oxygen is also a powerful ally of beauty and wellbeing.
Maya Beauty Engineering offers sophisticated technologies that use pure oxygen, paired with the relaxing treatment of aromatherapy.

Two systems for revitalization.
Oxy Point and Oxy Corner. Two innovative systems that infuse the regenerating properties of a breath of deliciously aromatised fresh air. Two intriguing possibilities for wellness centres and gyms.

The regenerating mixture.
Lemon, sweet orange or mandarin. Lavender, neroli or geranium. Fennel, juniper, cypress. Dianthus, rosemary, nutmeg.
Inhaling oxygen mixed and enriched with a pleasurable blend of natural extracts becomes an unforgettable break.
Each customer can personalise their treatment to make it purifying, relaxing, reinvigorating or energising.

Oxy Point and Oxy Corner can easily be added to any environment.