The beginning.

Everything began in 1988. With the aim of contributing to people’s wellbeing, Alberto Guillaume embarked on the production of a machine for gently removing skin imperfections, a completely new idea at the time. The Dermatology department of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Faculty in Shanghai was so taken with the idea that they encouraged him to take it further, creating a new concept that was soon well known in various countries around the world.
The addition of Isabella Guillaume, a sociologist, now Chairwoman, and Marina Guillaume, a lawyer, now Managing Director, to the company, contributed renewed energy to Alberto’s work.
The company was baptised with an acronym combining his name and the names of his daughters. Marina, Isabella and Alberto became Maya Beauty Engineering (MBE), an Italian company with a strong presence on the international market. A heterogeneous group of heads, hearts and endless ideas.


Maya Beauty Engineering is one of the top Italian groups in the manufacture of beauty technologies. Motivated by research into efficacy, up to now it has perfected glass ball percussion, oxygen infusion, transepidermal conduction of active ingredients, Oxyendodermia® and radiofrequency.
But that’s not all. With the intention of expanding its range of action, Maya has also designed a line of face and body products with particular attention to the selection of the raw materials, the composition and the image. Destined both for professional and homecare use, it is a creation that is comparable with those of the large cosmetics companies.